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Sin City Spins: Spinning Old School Punk and Hardcore
Dennis Bulletbrains hails from Las Vegas where he has been a resident since 1993. His interest in music was forged in the mid 70's in Orange County California. As a teen he had the typical suburban teen musical interests and attended many of the arena rock concerts of the day and enjoyed the party and  cameraderie that came with it. But his real interest was in music not played by the mainstream FM radio music outlets and felt that the best music was not being heard. A fan of progressive rock and experimental music sowed the seeds for what.was about to come. After a friend introduced him in 1979 to Bands like The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and an LP called Beach Blvd he was convinced that something was happening and wanted to be part of it. In the following years he could be seen regularly at The Cuckoos Nest, The Whisky, Godzillas,Cathay De Grande and many other clubs and backyards too numerous to list. Currently a working class punk, bachelor, and enemy of the status quo.

"hope you hate it, you deserve it"

Well the story goes as is .. after being found under a rock and raised in the high desert of California my love of music came about in the late 70's listening to my brothers 8 tracks and records of Kiss, AC/DC, etc.. Parents were disco fans and pretty much is why I listen to mostly aggressive type musick . (Thrash, Punk, H/C, Metal, Drunk Rock, I'm not much into labeling these days but hopefully you get the hint) moving on .. my good friend Scott P. introduced me to a mix tape another good friend made of punk bands. I heard mixtapes of rap and dance stuff but never punk rock. I thought it was so brilliant that I wanted to start making my own mixes . Plus the lack of liking radio persuaded me to just listen to what I dig, and it wasn't on the radio. Working with a cheap little radio shack mixer, I just messing around in my garage for 5 years or so moving up from tapes to making seemless cd mixes for the ride to and from the daily grind.
I gotten a dj gig at a local bar and kept that flowing for 5, 6, years and decided to move on from the bar in 2012. I am the only live punk rock dj in the Antelope Valley far as I know. I have DJ'd at shows before and between sets with the likes if Youth Brigade, Adolescents, the Grim, Face To Face, Strung Out, Old Man Markley, Jughead's Revenge, D.R.I., Don't No, Unglued, Naked Aggression, M.D.C. , Negative Approach, D.I. , and also at the Punk Rock Museum in L.A., the Palmdale Pool Project's Desert Pool Duel, Psycho City Tattoo II Halloween shindigs, Joe Chaos famous Halloween parties, The Punk Rock Swap Meet, soon to come PRB pool parties. 


Raised in Los Angeles, CA and an avid listener of underground music since 1981, Adam Neutron has been involved with internet radio since 2012. His show mainly consists of the obscurities of punk, hardcore, oi!, post-punk, art punk, basically anything that's been forgotten and buried in the dregs of cyberspace or in the bargain bin of an indie record store. Neutron enjoys discovering these nostalgic gems and sharing them with everyone. Most of the tunes he plays is from the 70s, 80s but does include the 90s and beyond if it has that old punk spirit. Adam has been involved with releasing punk rock compilation CD's and putting on shows to debut them. Moreover, he has self published a book called “Safety In Numbers: My Journey with L.A. Punk Rock Gangs 1982-1992” It's a memoir about him growing up in Los Angeles and his experiences with the Hollywood punk scene and the street gangs. Book is available on Amazon.